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Micha's bouquets with nice paper

Micha's bouquets with nice paper

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This Mixy bouquet with pretty paper is the perfect gift for any occasion, whether you want to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, holiday or just to please a loved one. Flowers selected with love and care form a colorful mosaic of colors and scents that will enchant everyone who receives them.

Different sizes: The bouquet in the picture is Medium

Bouquet composition:

Various types of seasonal flowers such as roses, carnations, tulips and others, which together create a harmonious whole.
Green accessories and leaves that emphasize the natural beauty of the flowers and give the bouquet a fresh look.
Each bouquet is carefully wrapped in pretty decorative paper that emphasizes the color and elegance of the flowers.
The paper is chosen to match the colors of the bouquet while protecting the flowers during shipping.
The bouquet is tied with a stylish ribbon that complements the overall look and adds elegance.
Bouquet care:

We recommend placing the bouquet in a vase with clean water and changing it regularly.
Adding the supplied nutrient solution to the water can also help extend the life of the flowers.
Ideal for:
Giving as an expression of love, friendship or appreciation.
Home or office decoration, where a bouquet will bring a touch of nature and freshness.
Creating a romantic

Different sizes

  • A mixed bouquet of blooming arrangements with different types of flowers and greenery. The size of this bouquet can be different depending on the occasion, your preferences or budget. Here is an example description for four different sizes - Small, Stock, Medium, Large:
  • Size Small:
    Diameter: approx. 30-35 cm
    Height: approx. 40-50 cm
    Number of flowers: 7-10 main flowers complemented by greenery and smaller accessory flowers.
    Ideal for: table decorations, small favors or as an accompanying gift.
  • Size Basic:
    Diameter: approx. 35-40 cm
    Height: approx. 45-55 cm
    Number of flowers: 10-15 main flowers with a rich combination of greenery and secondary flowers.
    Ideal for: birthday cards, anniversaries or as a centerpiece for a larger table.
  • Size Medium:
    Diameter: approx. 40-45 cm
    Height: approx. 50-60 cm
    Number of flowers: 15-20 main flowers with a rich combination of greenery and secondary flowers.
    Ideal for: birthday cards, anniversaries or as a centerpiece for a larger table.
  • Size Large:
    Diameter: approx. 45-50 cm or larger.
    Height: approx. 55-65 cm or higher.
    Number of flowers: 25-30 or more main flowers, richly supplemented with various types of greenery and distinctive accessory flowers.
    Ideal for: main decoration for special events such as weddings, proms or as a luxury gift for special occasions.
  • Dimensions and number of flowers are approximate only and may vary based on specific design and availability of flowers.

Bouquet care:

  • We recommend changing the water regularly and trimming the stems diagonally for better water absorption.
  • Water: Make sure the vase is always filled with fresh water.
  • Pruning: Trim the ends of the stems regularly to help them absorb water better.
  • Location: Place the bouquet out of direct sunlight and drafts.


  • Shipping: We offer delivery of the bouquet directly to the recipient's address on the day of the order or on the desired date.
  • Delivery time: Standard delivery during working days, with the option of choosing a delivery time window.
  • Packaging in transit: The bouquet is carefully packed and protected to keep it fresh and undamaged during delivery.
  • Express delivery options within 90 minutes.
  • Order our Bouquet of Red Roses today and send sunshine full of love and tenderness!
  • Transport price: free delivery within the city of Pilsen within 7 km.
  • We deliver within Pilsen within 30 km all week.
  • Outside the vicinity of Pilsen from 30 km and the entire Czech Republic, it is necessary to order 2 days in advance, we will deliver during the week from Monday to Friday, price 200 kc.
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